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What can I learn at the Seminars?

What Can I learn at the Realtor Success Seminars?

Realtor Success Seminars

Each seminar is designed to provide up to date strategies and tactics that are working right now in Real Estate to help agents hit there goals and their desired income. The information is delivered in no non-sense, to the point bits of information that you can quickly implement into your current real estate practice.

We offer the following Realtor Success Seminars to help Real Estate Agents become more successful:

  1. Business Planning – How to Create Explosive Growth

  2. Marketing Planning – Strategies & Tactics for Creating Massive Leads

  3. Extreme Leads for Realtors – How to Generate 50 Leads A Month

  4. Time Management – How to Successfully Time Block

  5. Doctor/Nurse for Realtors – How to Build a Team to Cater to Your Clients

  6. Mining Your Database for Gold: How to Market to Your Past Clients

  7. Counting the Money – How to run a P&L Every Month

  8. Creating Raving Fans

  9. Building Your Online Presence – How to Market Yourself Online

  10. Work Smarter Not Harder: How to Use Technology & Systems to Quadruple Your Productivity

  11. Ins & Outs of Renovation Lending

  12. Mid Year Review, Boost & Breakthrough

Take the next step to becoming more structured, more organized, and more successful in your Real Estate Practice by signing up for the next Realtor Success Seminar Event.

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